8328 Bay Point Rd Beulah, MI 49617
(248) 565-2222 or (248) 730-7500


For People Considering Staying With Us

  • If we only stay in the main cabin, do you rent out The Bunk House and The Loft to other people?
    No, that’s just crazy. First off, there’s only 2 bathrooms and they’re in the main cabin(theLodge).  I don’t think you’d want people knocking on the door asking to use the bathroom.  Or for that matter, looking out the window and seeing some guy standing real close to a tree as if he’s telling it a secret.  So no, that’s just creepy.
  • Does the place have air conditioning?
    Actually, no one has ever asked that question, but there are fans located in every room which seems to work pretty well.
  • What if we bring our boat?
    You may use our hoist, provided you give us advance notice and your boat is within the proper weight limits.  Alternately, you are more than welcome to anchor your boat.
  • What if I want to bring a jet ski?
    At the present time, we don’t have a lift for it, but we may be able to make arrangements to have one available.
  • What about linens and towels?
    We’ll provide the sheets and a bath towel for each guest.  There will be a blanket and two pillows for each bed.

For Current Guests

  • What time do we check out?
    Check out time is at 10:00AM EST.  There are no late check outs since we have to prepare the place for the new arrivals that are coming that same day.
  • Is there anything we have to do before we checkout?
    Please leave the sheets and blankets on the bed.  The cleaning crew will remove them..  Also, if you could hang the kayaks back on the wall with the paddles behind the them.  The paddle boat is leaned up against wall next to the kayaks.  Oh yeah. One more thing.  If you brought a dog with you on your stay, please do a final walk around the property to make sure you dog didn’t leave any surprises on the lawn for the next guests.  There’s nothing worse than cleaning your flip flops on the first day of your vacation.
  • I hear a screechy alarm sound that seems to be coming from the boiler room. What does it mean?
    It is not an emergency situation. The holding tank is almost full. You can call Jeff Dell (248-730-7500) or the number by the alarm panel located in the boiler room and we’ll send someone right away to pump the tank. When the alarm goes off, there is usually a good 2 days of room in it. If it goes off during the weekend, try to limit showers until the technician gets there Monday morning.
  • How do we stop the alarm?
    In the boiler room, there is a panel where the sound will be coming from. If you move the switch from alarm to silent, that will do the trick.
  • What’s a holding tank?
    Well, being located next to the lake, with the water table being so high and the county being concerned about polluting the lake, septic tanks are not allowed on lake front property.  Because of this, we have a tank that fills up with all the dirty water from the toilet, sink and shower.  When it’s full, Kim Geetings(231-325-5372 or 231-882-9848) comes out, pumps out the tank and halls it away to some place in Traverse City.  From there, I don’t know.  But it certainly could be something to google if you’re not doing anything.
  • What do we do if the toilet gets clogged?
    First, keep those kids away from the toilet paper roll.  Second, consider adding a little more fiber to your diet.  and third, there is a plunger right next to the toilet for you to plunge away.  And fourth, before you leave the bathroom, make sure everything went down okay so you don’t leave any surprises for the next person who uses it.  Update-we’ve recently installed the fanciest of toilets that use very little water and almost never get clogged.
  • What if we have a medical emergency?
    Should you need to provide your location to a 911 operator, The Platte Lake Lodge is located at 8328 Bay Point Road, Beulah, MI 49617
    Alternately, Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital is 14 miles from the property.
    224 Park Avenue
    Frankfort, MI 49635
    Phone: (231) 352-2200
    • Head south on Bay Point Road toward Platte Road
    • Turn left onto Platte Road
    • Turn right onto US-31 S/Michigan Avenue
    • Turn right onto M-115 N
    • Continue onto Forest Avenue
    • Turn right onto 7th St/Bellows Street
    • Take a slight left onto Crystal Avenue
    • Take the first left into Park Avenue
  • Is there a pharmacist close by?
    Yes, the closest pharmacist is 3-4 miles away.
    The Prescription Shop
    10587 Main Street
    Honor, Michigan 49640
    Phone: (231) 325-2735  – You may call ahead.
    Fax: (231) 325-2737
    Cell: (231) 360-0154
    [email protected]
    The clinical nurse specialist is Rosemary Russell, R.N.
  • Where do we put the garbage?
    It goes in the pink container near the street. Garbage day is Thursday, so on Wednesday night try to get out whatever trash you may have.
  • We caught some fish and clean them. Where do we put the fish guts?
    For your own sake, not in the garbage. They will stink up the whole joint. The best thing to do is to bag the guts and throw them away at the gas station or another place that gets rid of their trash daily.
  • Where do we find the kayaks?
    All eight are hanging on the racks outside by the water.
  • What do we do with the kayaks and paddles when we’re finished using them?
    Please hang them back on the racks with the paddles in the holder.