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The Region

All year round, Big Platte Lake offers natural beauty and local charm.

Big Platte Lake is located in Benzie County, in the northwest of Michigan’s lower peninsula. Benzie boasts 60 miles of coastline, including 25 miles along Lake Michigan. Glacial formations molded the area’s many lakes and sand dunes. Native species include hawks, loons, ducks, wild turkeys, bald eagles, white-railed deer, and red-tailed fox. Nearby villages such as Beulah and Frankfort are full of funky shops, fantastic restaurants, and stunning lighthouse vistas.

Known for its unusually fresh water, Big Platte Lake covers over 2500 acres. With an average depth of 24 feet and a maximum of 91 feet, it’s an ideal location for swimming boating, and fishing. Nine species of fish occupy the lake. Since its perimeter is very shallow, children can swim and play there safely.

Benzie’s climate is relatively mild. During the winter, the average low is 17 degrees Fahrenheit and the average high is 31˚F. In the summer the average temperature span is 55-78˚F.